WHS Incidents Register

This WHS Incidents Register template may be used as a template for keeping a record of all incidents and injuries in the workplace.

Businesses and employers are generally required to keep a register of injuries and other incidents under each state and territory’s work health and safety laws as part of the WHS Records obligation.

This WHS Incidents Register template satisfies the record keeping requirement under the WHS Laws.


  1. Purpose. 1
  2. Scope. 1
  3. Document information. 2
  4. WHS Incidents Register 3
  5. Incident details. 3
  6. Other details. 3
  7. Acknowledgement by person making entry. 4
  8. Manager or supervisor 4
  9. Employee confirmation. 4


The purpose of this WHS Incidents Register is to record incidents and injuries that has occurred in the workplace of [Organisation name]. Recording of incidents and injuries is a legal requirement of [Organisation name] under WHS Laws.

Before making a record in this WHS Incidents Register, you are required to read and comply with the following:

  1. Work Health and Safety Policy
  2. Work Health and Safety Procedures
  3. WHS Incidents Notification Procedures
  4. Record Keeping Policy


[Organisation name]’s WHS obligations extend to all workplaces in [business locations] and to all workers of [Organisation name]. The WHS obligations also apply to all current and future activities of [Organisation name], and to any new opportunities [Organisation name] may encounter from time to time. More details are available from the WHS Obligations Checklist.

Document information

Related documents

  1. Business Activities Checklist
  2. Guide to Identifying Your Compliance Obligations
  3. Guide to Work Health and Safety Laws
  4. WHS Compliance Register
  5. WHS Health and Safety Representatives Register
  6. Work Health and Safety Policy
  7. Work Health and Safety Procedures
  8. Record Keeping Policy

Revision table

This table should be retained and all modifications to this document must be recorded in this table for version control purposes.

Version Author Approver Description Review date Approval date
[e.g. Draft] [Author] [Approver] [Description of changes] [Review date] [Approval date]

Document location

The latest version of document is located at [insert name of document repository].

Periodic review

The [Health and Safety Officer/Risk Officer] is responsible for periodically reviewing the suitability and effectiveness of this WHS Incidents Register and reporting the findings and recommendations for improvement to the Board.

WHS Incidents Register

Incident details

Business details Business name
  Business location
Injured worker details First name
  Last name
  Date of birth
  Department or team
  Home address
  Manager’s name
  Manager’s position
Incident details Date of incident or injury
  Time of incident or injury
  Nature of incident or injury
  Location of incident or injury
  Body part affected (including symptoms if illness)
  Cause of incident or injury
  Was any plant, equipment, substance or thing involved in the injury/ illness?
  If yes, please provide details

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