Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct template sets out an example code of conduct for an organisation. This Code of Conduct provides for:

  1. a commitment to making positive social, environmental and economic contributions to society which is consistent with the principles of integrity, fairness and ethics; and
  2. a set of rules of conduct that is required to be complied with by all staff of the organisation.

This Code of Conduct is suitable for organisations of all sizes.


  1. Purpose. 1
  2. Scope. 1
  3. Principles. 2
  4. Act with integrity, fairness and ethics. 2
  5. Fulfil duties and responsibilities. 3
  6. Fair trading and anti-bribery. 3
  7. Privacy and confidentiality. 4
  8. [Organisation name] resources and systems. 5
  9. Workplace conduct, health and safety. 6
  10. Breach of Code. 6
  11. Document information. 6


The purpose of this Code of Conduct (Code) is to make a statement about [Organisation name]’s position on, and a commitment to, making positive social, environmental and economic contributions to society.

The principles by which this Code of Conduct is formulated are based on the principles of integrity, fairness and ethics.


This Code of Conduct applies to all directors, officers, employees, consultants and contractors of [Organisation name]. This Code of Conduct extends to all current and future activities of [Organisation name], and to any new opportunities [Organisation name] may encounter from time to time.


[Organisation name]’s principles are as follows:

  1. Act with integrity, fairness and ethics:
    • Act with honesty, integrity, fairness and respect;
    • Exercise our discretions with care;
    • Be responsible for all our decisions;
    • Engage in business relationships professionally and with integrity.
  2. Fulfill our duties and responsibilities:
    • Fulfil our contractual duties;
    • Observe our responsibilities to our colleagues, customers, shareholders and the broader economy;
    • Contribute to values consistent with [Organisation name]’s organisational Values, including social, environmental and economic contributions.
    • Proactively build knowledge of [Organisation name]’s compliance obligations and commitments;
    • Proactively build knowledge of [Organisation name]’s internal codes of conduct, policies, procedures and other commitments of [Organisation name].
  3. Fair trading and anti-bribery:
    • Identify and maintain conflicts of interest;
    • Deal fairly with suppliers and competitors and observe rules and restrictions in relation to dealings with such suppliers and competitors;
    • Deal honestly, openly and fairly with customers;
    • Comply with all safety regulations and product information standards when dealing with products and services;
    • Honour customers’ rights in relation to fair trading, consumer protection and related laws and regulations in relation to requests for refunds and recalls;
    • Observe responsibilities in relation to illegal or improper payments, gifts and monies.
  4. Privacy and confidentiality:
    • Respect and maintain privacy and confidentiality of information and accuracy of business records;
    • Respect and do not misuse [Organisation name]’s resources and information systems.
  5. Workplace conduct, health and safety:
    • Treat our colleagues and staff with respect and value diversity.
    • Contribute to a safe working environment within the organisation.

Act with integrity, fairness and ethics

Acting with integrity, fairness and ethics results in [Organisation name] building trust with our stakeholders, shareholders, customers, suppliers and all whom we come into contact with as an organisation and as an employee of the organisation.

Acting with integrity, fairness and ethics means:

  1. Embracing and acting in accordance with [Organisation name]’s Values.
  2. Making truthful statements, promises and commitments that we are only able to meet.
  3. Be accountable for our actions and decisions.
  4. Perform our duties with care and diligence.
  5. Seek to continually drive excellence in our own roles, products and services we offer.
  6. Not participating in any illegal or unethical activity.
  7. Dealing fairly with all of our customers, suppliers, business partners and competitors.

Fulfil duties and responsibilities

As an organisation, [Organisation name], the Board, managers and staff have duties and responsibilities to [Organisation name]’s shareholders, customers, suppliers, staff and the public, which may, in some instances, be of a higher standard to what is legally required under the law. These include:

  1. Leading by example and ensure that all decisions made and actions taken reflect [Organisation name]’s Values.
  2. Complying with this Code of Conduct, Board Charter, Compliance Management Framework, Risk Management Framework, all other policies and procedures and other internal codes of conduct.
  3. Complying with all laws, regulations and rules that apply to [Organisation name] as an entity and as an individual.
  4. Contributing to [Organisation name]’s reputation as a good corporate citizen which seek to respect the communities and environments in which [Organisation name]
  5. Exercising fairness, respect, consideration, courtesy and sensitivity in all dealings within the organisation and in the workplace with employees, customers, staff, suppliers and the public.
  6. Building organisational knowledge of and compliance with this Code of Conduct, laws, regulations, rules and internal codes of conduct, policies and procedures of [Organisation name].
  7. Providing an environment where staff, customers and the public can raise their concerns and discuss them openly without fear of negative consequences.
  8. Managing behaviour that is inconsistent with this Code of Conduct.

Fair trading and anti-bribery

[Organisation name] is committed to providing customers with confidence that we will always be open, honest and fair in our dealings with them. This means:

  1. With customers:
    • Dealing openly, honestly, fairly and observe ethical behaviour with customers;
    • Following all safety and product information standards with all products and services supplied to customers;
    • Complying with and action all product withdrawals, recalls and supplier notifications on product safety updates and standards;
    • Honouring customers’ rights to a refund or an exchange following fair trading and consumer protection laws and regulations.
  2. With suppliers and vendors:
    • Ensuring supplier and vendor relationships are based on price, quality, service and reputation;
    • Taking practical steps and actions to ensure that suppliers, vendors, business partners, contractors and agents not contravene this Code of Conduct;
    • Dealing fairly and honestly with suppliers and vendors, and not use undue pressure, coercion or unfair tactics;
    • Observing rules relating to not offering, accepting, promising or requesting for cash, gifts or any other incentives or benefits, favourable treatment, inducement or reward of any form;
    • Observing rules relating to not behaving or conducting ourselves in a manner that involves money laundering, bribes, commissions, facilitation payments, kick-backs or any other conduct contravening [Organisation name]’s following policies:
    • Comply with rules and principles set out in the Conflicts of Interest Policy.
    • Reporting on suspicious or known activity involving conflicts of interest and bribery.
  3. With competitors:
    • Dealing openly, honestly, fairly and observe ethical behaviour with competitors;
    • Refraining from influencing or restricting competitor dealings;
    • Refraining from discussions or agreements on price, discounts and sales with competitors;
    • Observing rules relating to confidential and proprietary information of [Organisation name];
    • Observing laws and regulations relating to anti-competitive behaviour including restricting competition in the marketplace.
  4. Generally:
    • Observing rules relating to not making political or charitable donations on behalf of [Organisation name] without proper approval;
    • Maintaining accurate records, data and books and not engage in fraud.

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